Love Books?

In past years we have had a “Library Committee” the purpose of which was to provide, for loan, the 1500 volumes of Christian, Religious or Theological Books of a wide range of subjects. In addition the library has a selection of fiction novels. These books are made available to parishioners and other readers on loan for 60 days.

There will be a meeting on Saturday 23 March at 10 am of interested people to prepare a plan of action to be sent to the Parish Council for approval.

The Plan of Action would consider the following issues:

  1. to consider the establishment of a bone fide working committee whose responsibility would be to address the following tasks

  2. To maintain an up to day catalogued list, on the computer, of all Non-Fiction and Fiction volumes held within the library.

  3. To publicize in the weekly church bulletin, parish website a list of the different books that deal with current and topical subjects.

  4. To prepare short book reviews, for general distribution, of books in the library.

  5. To establish and maintain the Annual Library Budget

  6. To consider various types of appropriate publicity tools

  7. To determine the criteria or appropriate categories of donated books to be accepted.

If you would be willing to attend this one time meeting on Saturday 23 March at 10 am please click here to let us know your name and e-mail address, or sign up at church on Sunday.

Flower Pearson