This Week at All Saints

Behold Loulou, the goodest of girls

Behold Loulou, the goodest of girls

This is Lou Lou. She is here in the office today helping Rani prepare the bulletins and greeting guests with gracious applomb. Maybe we should put her on the worship roster … I could see her trotting up and down the aisle with the offering plate strapped to her back, or greeting you all as you arrive, the passing of the peace would definitely be lively…

This Sunday we will come together at 8:30 am for a Quiet Communion Service, and again at 10 am for a Family Eucharist - there will be four (yes four) baptisms too so bring your tissues and your slight head tilt as you admire the youngsters we welcome to our Parish. Archbishop Fabulous aka Douglas Hambidge, will be preaching on Sunday with Liz Hamel doing the baptisms. She’s certainly returning to a very full-on service, though I hesitate to use the phrase “baptism of fire”. Liz tells me she was staying on Galiano with a view of the sea and it all sounded very peaceful and relaxing. It will be good to have her back!

On Monday the hall will be in use with a coffee morning for our local Delta Hospital Auxiliary.

On Wednesday 1 May the Midweek Eucharist takes place at 10 am with the Bible Study to follow. The Centering Prayer Group meet later on at 5:30 pm in the Narthex.

On Thursday the Parish Health Care Team meets at 9:15 am. Get in touch either with Liz Macdonald or the office if they can do anything for you. The Crafty Ladies meet at 10:30 am in the hall.

One other minor thing - I’m planning on taking Thursday and Friday off next week (2 and 3 May) to spend some time with my mum who is visiting from England.

Enjoy your weekend and this wonderful spring sunshine!

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