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Big shoes to fill indeed

Big shoes to fill indeed

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Community Meal. We fed 55 people in spite of the wrong date appearing in the Optimist! Thanks for helping to get the word out. While we’re on the subject of this ministry, you should know that Pat Sallis, one of the main innovators and coordinators, will be stepping down over the next few months. Thank you Pat. You have worked hard for years and years and we are grateful for your drive and enthusiasm in growing this outreach ministry. Sally Phelps will be picking up the reins and the monthly meal will continue. Thank you Sally for stepping forward. You have some big shoes to fill and we appreciate your commitment to All Saints and the community.

One more thing - TABLECLOTHS! Did you very kindly take some round white tablecloths home to wash? If so - please bring them back! In the future, if you don’t think you have time to wash the tablecloths and return them quickly, please tell Flower in the office. We can take care of it for you.

On Sunday we meet for worship at 8:30 am and 10 am. Be warned - it’s May Days parade. Things will busy around this area. Allow yourself a little extra time. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone signed up to do coffee on Sunday. If you can help with providing coffee please sign up. It’s such an important time for us to spend together and continue worship through fellowship. The sign up sheet is available in the kitchen. You will be given guidance the first few times you do it - you’re not just abandoned to your fate!

On Wednesday 29 May we meet at 10 am for the Eucharist followed by OASIS Bible Study. The Centering Prayer group meets later at 5:30 pm in the Narthex.

On Thursday 30 May the Craft Group will meet in the parish hall to chat over their whirring knitting needles. At least I think they have knitting needles .. usually I can only see a blur.

Next Sunday - 2 June - it’s our turn to lead the service at Mountainview ECU at 2:30 pm. Please plan on joining us.


Right, I’m off to wander round memorial park with a bag off mini-donuts. That’s as much risk as I’m prepared to take - the rides are all a little too much for me. Especially when I’m full of mini donuts.

Enjoy your weekend!

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