Trinity Sunday and the week ahead

It’s been an interesting day here at All Saints. I arrived here as usual and unlocked the door expecting to be enveloped in the usual peaceful ambience of the place - I always feel like I’m getting a hug when I walk in - alas today was different. I’m sure the peaceful ambience was there - but it was buried under a layer of STINK! I got as far as the door to Liz’s office (which is about 2 feet) before I turned on my heel and left. I thought I could smell gas so called Fortis in a panic and went and paced about in the parking lot feeling important. Eventually the guy came out and reassured me that though, yes, there was a slight smell of gas, it was no leak and nothing to be concerned about. I only wish I looked as deflated as I felt. He assured me I’d done everything right and should the same thing happen in the future I should definitely follow the same procedure, but … I guess pride is so very pervasive that I’d rather be in danger than be wrong. Another lesson learned I guess. It’s hard to put down a fear of being wrong though? I wonder how many opportunities are missed by that fear?

Unexpectedly the Fortis guy was pretty knowledgeable about Martin Luther and told me various things about the forming of the Anglican Church that made me realise how very little I know. He was fascinating - I’m going to go and raid the All Saints library before I leave today - it’s clear I need to educate myself! He was a VERY talkative man, though I shall refrain from using the phrase gas-bag, in spite of this being the best opportunity ever.

So this Sunday is Trinity Sunday - a feast day. We shall be having our feast on Saturday night when the Men’s Fellowship host our annual barbecue. Thank you gentlemen! I hope many of you will be able to attend - it’s the holy thing to do.

  • Saturday 15 June from 4.30/5 pm - Annual All Saints Barbecue in the Parish Hall

  • Sunday 16 June - Eucharist at 8:30 am followed at 10 am by the sung Eucharist.

  • Wednesday 19 June - 10 am Eucharist followed by OASIS Bible Study

  • Thursday 20 June - 9.30 am Parish Health Care Team; 10:30 am Craft Group.

  • Don’t forget our monthly Community Meal on Tuesday 25 June at 6 pm.

Right, I’m off to attack my yard with a machete - our son is supposed to do our grass cutting, consequently it tends to get left a while and now I’m wondering if there might be a lost tribe in there or some fabulous Angkor Wat-esque temple. If I don’t come in to work next week I’ll be ruling over my newly discovered kingdom.

Have a happy weekend!

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