The Week Ahead

This Sunday at 9:30 am we are blessed to have The Archest of Bishops, Douglas Hambidge preaching for us. Don’t miss that (though if you do - he’s here again next week!)

Tuesday 16 July - Pie making in the kitchen. If you don’t want to peel fruit, roll out pastry or otherwise engage in the process, I suggest you stay out of they way! Our pie makers are ruthlessly efficient.

Wednesday 17 July - Eucharist at 10 am followed by coffee, cookies and Bible Study.

Thursday 18 July - Parish Health Care Team at 9:15 am and the Craft Group meet at 10:30 am (but you have to watch them - they’re a crafty lot).

Since it’s fairly quiet I will treat you to a joke - which two fish zoom along the ocean floor at 70 mph? Answer: a motorpike and sidecarp.

Happy July!

NewsFlower Pearson