The Week Ahead and some Good News!

A toilet paper cutting ceremony - something to look forward to isn’t it?!

A toilet paper cutting ceremony - something to look forward to isn’t it?!

This week we heard THE WONDERFUL NEWS that we now have the necessary funds to move ahead with Phase II of our renovation project! That’s definitely something to celebrate. We hope to start work in October so we’ll have some beautiful new bathrooms - an unromantic addition sure, but one that will definitely do a lot to support our ongoing Ministry.


Speaking of ongoing ministry - MORE GOOD NEWS! We hope to re-launch Messy Church in the fall! A small committee has worked hard to come up with a viable and sustainable model to continue with this important ministry to young families. Again - backs should be patted - but before we go too far here’s the crunch - we need volunteers. The only way to keep going with this much loved program, is with some more volunteers. So - if you like children, and are willing to help with crafts (don’t worry - we will give you all the instructions you need), then speak to Rev. Liz, Peter Bayley, Ellen Pearson, Glyn Abraham, Pat Dempsey or Jeanette Neutce or email the church office by clicking here. We all want this to happen so please consider carefully if you can help.

In yet EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS this appeared on the Diocesan e-mail update this week in the “Parishes in transition section”: All Saints, Ladner - The Search Committee has completed its interviews and has made a recommendation to the Archbishop. An announcement will be forthcoming in the next 14TEN.”

I’m excited. Very excited. We’ve been so very blessed to have Liz Hamel with us. She’s worked hard and she’s done more than we ever could have hoped and though it will be hard to say another goodbye it will be good to feel able to plan long term again and to meet the person who will be with us on our journey for the next few years.

Phew! After all that - here’s what is happening at All Saints Church this week.

First - and obviously most important - I will be on vacation next week. I will be in on Thursday only so if there’s anything you need please make sure to let me know by then. We’ll be checking e-mails and phone messages so nothing will be missed.

Otherwise - here’s how things look for the week ahead:-

  • On Sunday 28 July we meet at 9:30 am to celebrate the Eucharist.

  • On Tuesday 30 July at 9:30 am there will be a pie making session in the kitchen once again. These ever popular pies are sold at the Poinsettia Bazaar in November so these good ladies are working to prepare and freeze them now. If you’d like to help please contact Pat S or email the church office here.

  • On Wednesday 31 July we join together at 10 am in the Narthex for our midweek service and OASIS Bible Study group.

  • On Thursday 1 August the hall will be in use all day. We will be hosting 120 “extras” for a movie being shot in Ladner. The Craft Group will not meet at the Church on that day. Please note, only the hall will be in use. Everything else including the Pastoral Health Care Team meeting at 9:15 am will go ahead as planned.

    That’s it for now. Have a nice weekend!

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