The Week Ahead at All Saints

It’s been an interesting week here with tons of people with walkie talkies going about the place, caterers coming in and making fabulous smells waft about, make up artists making children look somehow dirty and yet, suspiciously clean at the same time. We have been hosting “extras” who have been cast as background actors in the Supernatural series. It’s been fun to watch and very educational. I was talking to one small person and I asked him who he had to be in the show. His answer was “a person”. Frankly, that would be beyond my acting ability but I have no doubt he absolutely nailed it.

I’ll just mention this too - Douglas Hambidge dropped by today but refused to set foot in the hall lest he be grabbed and forced into the starring role s “devastatingly handsome and curiously charismatic bystander”. This is a common problem for him apparently ….happens all the time!

On Sunday 4 August at 9:30 am we meet for the Eucharist.

On Tuesday 6 August the office is closed in lieu of BC Day.

On Wednesday 7 August we meet at 10 am for our midweek Eucharist and Bible Study. Though the parking lot will be in use there will still be parking available to those attending the service.

From 12 noon Wednesday 7 August until the afternoon of Friday 9 August - the church will be in use by more movie people. They will be using the parking lot and the rest of our building so if at all possible please avoid the entire area!

Thank you all for your co-operation. I’ll see you soon (if I’m not finally “discovered” and swept off to Hollywood which, let’s face it, is almost inevitable).

NewsFlower Pearson