The Week Ahead at All Saints

Summer is usually a quiet time around here - but not this summer! Much preparatory work has been going on with many busy bees being very busy indeed. The results of all this are that we have our new Priest, Father Robin Ruder Celiz due to come and join All Saints on 1 November 2019 (that’s All Saints Day just in case you didn’t know). That’s certainly a cause for celebration right? But wait … there’s more … the Messy Church ministry is expected to restart this fall! - and thank God for that! Further information on that will come soon and we will be able to celebrate that in a more “official” fashion. But hang on … there’s still MORE good news to come - the work on Phase II of our building renovations - namely the bathrooms - should be starting in September, earlier than expected. Now how often do you hear that a contractor can start EARLY?! Thank you Lord for this unheard of blessing! Thanksgiving seems to have come early this year.

And now to more immediate matters, the week ahead.

BE WARNED - on Monday 26 , Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 August our lovely building will again be used for some filming. I strongly advise you to keep out of the way on Monday and Tuesday especially - it will be a hectic melee around here for both those days.

On Wednesday 28 August at 10:00 am we have our regular midweek service and OASIS Bible Study as usual.

On Thursday 29 August the Craft Group meet in the hall at 10:30 am ish.

One other thing - I will be off on Thursday 28 and and Friday 29 August so if there’s anything you need please let me know as soon as possible.

Have a happy weekend!

NewsFlower Pearson